Top 5 Summer Travel Destinations in 2015

Summers are about the beach, sunbathing, barbecue, swimming, sunblock and ice cream, with these few things you will get the perfect image of summer vacation. So before I plan my summer vacation this year, I’ve first made a list of some winter travel destinations. Here is a list of the top five summer travel destinations of 2015 with a brief description of each.


Barcelona is located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. It provides a trendy city life and the beach is easy to access. Travelers love this place because of its colorful culture, delicious tapas and sunny weather. The places around Barcelona are also easy to access; The exclusive block party with lots of food and fake dragons that fires at people is a private festemizor because you can see them


Just name this place and it will immediately come to mind that this place is all about glamor and glitz but this is not entirely true. Sardinia has some of the most amazing and beautiful scenery in all of Europe. It’s a remnant of enjoyable seafood, a rich historical culture that is fun and exciting to learn about.


For those who like to party, hike, dive, and practice snorkeling or yoga, Bali is a summer destination. You can go to the Gamelan concert or get your diving license for unlimited diving or stay at the beach all day and party at night. Traveling in the sand in July and August as you will find perfect for visiting for the weather, the rainy season starts from November so the summer is usually dry and pleasant.


Majorca is one of the largest islands in the Balearics; This island gives you plenty of accommodation options excluding beach resorts. If you visit Majorca, visit the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains. It is a significant attraction of this destination and it has become a World Heritage Site due to its amazing farming in the steep hills of this mountain. Also check out the wonderful wineries on this island. I’m sure if you visit this place you will definitely plan to visit it again.


Perfect with white sand beaches and turquoise waters, ancient, these are the perfect features of an amazing summer destination. This place is exactly the same as what you see as a postcard, but in reality Menorca is home to this kind of beach so plan a trip to Menorca because you will love spending your summer vacation here.